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سعر PS5: اليك ما يمكن أن تكلفك PlayStation٥

Sony's upcoming PlayStation ٥ marks a major leap forward for gaming. The upcoming console is sure to wow when it debuts, but we're still wondering about quite a few pieces of major info.

Update: The PS5 will cost $٤٩٩٫٩٩ USD, and $٣٩٩٫٩٩ for the digital edition. Pre-orders have already begun!

The PlayStation ٥ is gearing up for a holiday ٢٠٢٠ launch, and it's bringing a killer arsenal of games and accessories with it. New games like Horizon Forbidden West and Resident Evil: Village look like exciting entries in their respective series, among dozens of other newly-announced titles. The PS5 console reveal itself got the gaming community talkin with futuristic chassis and striking design.

Despite the information we do know about the PS5, however, there's still a lot that we don't: What's the exact date that the PlayStation ٥ will officially launch? What will the next generation of PlayStation VR look like? Most importantly, how much will the PS5 cost?

سعر PS5: How much will the PlayStation ٥ cost?

The PlayStation 5 console, tilted sideways, from its initial reveal video.Source: Sony/YouTube

Currently, Sony has not officially announced a price for the PlayStation ٥. While there was a special hardware reveal in which the console's design was shown off for the first time, no detailed release information was offered.

There were two models revealed, with a Standard Edition that includes an optical 4K Blu-ray disc drive in addition to an 825GB solid state drive. The Digital Edition, presumably cheaper, ships without the drive and will likely cost less because of this omission.

When there is an official MSRP for the PlayStation ٥ out in the open, we'll be sure to update this page with all the details on how much both systems will cost.

سعر PS5: How much is the PlayStation ٥ expected to cost?

Two PlayStation DualSense controllers criss-crossing each other.Source: Sony/YouTube

Though Sony has been reticent about PS5 pricing just yet, there are several indicators as to what we might be able to expect. Unfortunately, there just isn't any official word on pricing to ruminate on just yet. As the months go by, this will undoubtedly change ahead of the holiday seaosn.

The current estimate for the PlayStation ٥ Standard Edition is between $٥٠٠ to $٦٠٠, according to industry professionals and analysts. This would put it in line with what one would expect a more powerful system than the PlayStation ٤ Pro would cost, as it was just $٣٩٩ when it debuted, in comparison to the Xbox One X's $٤٩٩ in July ٢٠١٧.

Dummy listings on retail storefronts like Amazon France have previously popped up that indicate a potential ~$٥٦٢ price for the PS5, with the Digital Edition about $١٠٠ cheaper. The listings also indicate a potential November ١٠ release date, which is in line with the "holiday ٢٠٢٠" date we've been given in the past.

According to a previous Wired interview with PlayStation lead system architect Mark Cerny, the price would be "appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set." This could indicate that it will cost more than previous PlayStation models, but there are no concrete facts floating around for anyone to be able to stay for sure just yet.

سعر PS5: Can you preorder the PlayStation ٥?

The PlayStation 5 sitting upright flanked by the DualSense controller.Source: Sony/YouTube

Currently, there are no retailers carrying either version of the PlayStation ٥ for preorder right now. Previously, the import website Play-Asia made various versions of the PS5 available for purchase at $٦٩٩٫٩٩ with additional DualSense controllers at $٧٩٫٩٩.

Since making the listings available, the consoles have sold out and have since been removed from the store page. While it's likely these links were meant to act as placeholders, it's quite possible the console could end up going for this price.

We will continue to update this page with preorder links as they go live following any official directives from Sony. In the meantime, you can rest assured that all PlayStation ٤ compatible Arctis headsets are next-gen compatible with PlayStation ٥!

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