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لعبة Valorant: Omen Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to help make Omen your new main, as well as some more advanced plays to try out!

Omen, the most notorious agent on the Valorant roster, has a kit that is jam-packed with utility that supports the team while simultaneously lending itself for massive individual achievement.

Omen's ability to influence the entire map at will is a great addition to any team composition. At any level of competition, Omen can set the pace for the entire match.

Let's take a deep dive into his skills and abilities.

Shrouded Step

Shrouded Step allows Omen to move across horizontal and vertical space by channeling and teleporting to a location you designate within your immediate vicinity.

This ability can take Omen from a position of vulnerability to safety or a more advantageous position within seconds. This could be the difference between giving up a site or key position and completely dominating the enemy team. It’s cost per use is ١٠٠ Credits and you can hold two at a time.

When using Shrouded Step, the first thing to think about is where you want to move Omen and for what reasons. This ability is one of the few over the entire roster that can be used before the round starts so you can position yourself above key locations to create more unpredictable encounters with the enemy team. You can also gain or feed information before using Shrouded Step to counter that intel and/or lure the enemy team into a trap of believing you are cornered. This ability is one of the more underrated skills in his arsenal that allow you to become as lethal as you want on offense and defense.

Shrouded Step can put lurking and flanking Omen players into enemy backlines or even above enemies taking sites. The only noise made from this ability is from where it is cast from, so warping Omens are completely silent upon emerging.


Paranoia is the first of two projectiles that Omen can use that has an immediate effect on players in the game. This ability is cast directly in front of Omen, and will travel in a straight line from where it is cast. While flying, anyone in its direct path will be blinded slightly then overcome with darkness if contact is made. You will see a stunned indication over the face and eyes of enemy or friendly players who are in the path of paranoia.

While in darkness, you lose sound and visibility in your immediate area. Using paranoia to halt rushes or to create opportunities to take strategic locations on the map is key. The impact made by this ability is larger than frags and damage. It creates chaos for a brief moment so your team can reposition or make calls and gain info on enemy positions. If you hear footsteps from enemy players, use paranoia in choke points and long areas to get them off balance for a peek and kill or to hold them off for backup.

Its Cost per use is ٢٠٠ Credits, and you can only store one at a time.

Dark Cover

Dark Cover is the second projectile that Omen has and is his primary character ability. Omen has a smoke that can travel through walls and across the majority of the map. This ability has a 30-second cooldown with two charges.

Because of the distance this ability can travel, Omen can smoke parts of the map for teammates to use as cover that he does not occupy or he can use as distractions to fake out the enemy team. There is a marker you can use to see the height and distance on both the hud and the mini map.

The smoke created is safe for Omen and teammates to travel through or inside. A smart way to stack abilities is for Omen to cast both smokes and use Shrouded Step to move inside of one to push a key part of the map, gain information on enemy count or repositioning with a smaller amount of vulnerability.

Dark Cover is a deep purple color and with Omens dark purple color scheme blends in well. It also has a swirl animation that can cover your weapon from poking out occasionally.

Because of the recharge rate on Dark Cover, it is recommended you use it as often as needed since you know you will be getting a smoke back frequently. They are free to use and free to recharge with no kills required for cooldown.

From the Shadows

Omen has a very strong ultimate ability that covers the entire map known as “From The Shadows.” It allows Omen to open a tactical map and to move anywhere in a moments notice by channeling a teleport and emerging on that specific location.

There is a materalization moment where he can move before shooting to gain a tactical advantage. While channeling and teleporting you are vulnerable to bullets and abilities which will send you back from the location you teleported from with no penalty to life or armor.

This ability has a very large radius for audio as a notification to where Omen could be, but using any verticality to the teleport helps mask his location.

When stacking From The Shadows with Dark Cover, Omen becomes a much more unpredictable force behind or even embedded with enemies to cause distractions or become lethal. Simply drop your smokes into a site, choose one with the lower chance of being noticed and dive in!

You will need ٧ Ultimate Points/Orbs to cast From The Shadows.

Advanced Omen Tips and Tricks

Here are some more advanced ways you can use your abilities:

Using Shrouded Step to bait a teleporter play:

Using Shrouded Step to flank enemies into checking areas you gave info from:

Using From The Shadows to recover the spike:

I hope this has been helpful and you can up your Omen game (or at least know how to fight against one)! Good luck out there.

You can find me on Twitter or grinding up the Valorant ranked ladder on Twitch!

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