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What’s New in Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline?

Get ready to welcome Aiden Pearce back to the world of Watch Dogs with the new Bloodline DLC.

At long last, Aiden Pearce, the star of the original Watch Dogs, is returning to the series in Watch Dogs Legion. It's all part of the new DLC, Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline. This additional chapter of the Watch Dogs Legion narrative contains new story missions, resistance missions for Aiden, and fixer missions for Wrench to take on. So with that in mind, what exactly can you expect from the new content drop? Let's jump in and take a look.

The return of Aiden Pearce

Watch Dogs' main protagonist Aiden Pearce is making his return in the Bloodline DLC. He first starred in the original game when it debuted in ٢٠١٤, and now his story is set to continue. The story takes place ahead of the events that unfold in Watch Dogs Legion, and will follow a series of new mission that star Aiden and Wrench as playable characters inside and outside of single-player mode and multiplayer online mode. Aiden will work to steal a divide that controls robots from Broca Tech, while Wrench works to stop him. It's going to be an action-packed ride.

New abilities

When you complete the story mode for Bloodline as a Season Pass holder (or purchase this incentive), you can add both Aiden and Wrench to your DedSec Resistance group. They both come with new abilities to unleash in-game, like Aiden's slow-motion aiming after takedowns, a damage buff that comes after a great reload, and the power to disable nearby electronics with a System Crash. Meanwhile, Wrench comes with a new custom hammer called Lady Smash, uses miniature flashbang grenades called Ninja Balls, and a special drone called Sergei.

A new reason to return to the world of Watch Dogs

Ever since Watch Dogs Legion debuted, the promise of jumping into the game with Aiden Pearce has been hanging in the air. It's been some time since we first heard that Pearce would return to the series' continuity, and now it's finally happening. If you've already exhausted all the mission content in Watch Dogs Legion and are looking for an excuse to return to the game (or even play a few multiplayer missions), Bloodline should fill in all those boxes for you. This will be a significant addition to the main game as well as a good way for newcomers to get to know Aiden and how he fits into the Watch Dogs universe.

Ready to jump into Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline? It's available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation ٤, PlayStation ٥, and PC on July ٦.

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